Enterprise Resource Planning (LIMA)

Who Controls Your Business?
You? Do you give?

Discover the privilege of being a business based on data analysis, make faster decisions with instant data. Lima is always with you to make accurate and reliable business decisions.

Nothing escapes your eyes with Lima!

While the digital age in data analysis makes life easier, it offers numerous advantages for companies that access information much faster. The right decision-making process raises the expectations of the owner of the company and ensures that its resources are used more efficiently.

Need information before making a decision?

It's time to meet LİMA!

Business owners who use their data strategically, interpret it and transform it into efficient information, and who can make the right decisions, stand out from the competition. Being able to make decisions quickly is an important success factor in dynamic markets.

Prepare strategic plans easily, save time.
Korgün ERP

See the status of your business from anywhere, analyze your data.

With Lima's innovative solutions, you can analyze all your data on a web-based platform, with reporting tools and dashboards, to identify risks early, catch opportunities, identify weak points and optimize processes.

Why is LIMA necessary for you?

You don't need to be a data analyst.

In the years when technology just entered our lives, interpreting data was only the job of experts. With the help of Lima, data analysis is now very easy. It is up to you to develop new projects and make future plans with accurate and clear information.

You can measure the performance of your company by analyzing production, sales, finance and more business processes. By following seasonal trends, you can plan what awaits your company in the future, and discover new markets that can be entered.