Enterprise Resource Planning

KG Graf

Thanks to the program developed by Korgün Software experts, the boss will now be able to see the production graphics from his seat.

With the system developed for manufacturing enterprises, it is no longer a problem to monitor production data. Thanks to the software, the owner of the company can control and direct the workplace from where he sits.

Production status will be in front of your eyes graphically

It will allow you to see the production and the processes to be performed in your factory completely instantly.

With KG Graf software, you will have full control of your production.

You will be able to monitor the production status of your business in different time intervals such as today, this week, last week, last 15 days, last month, last 3 months, last 6 months, and last year, and make the necessary interventions in a timely manner, with graphs where you can set different time settings.

For whom?

Factory owners, factory managers, production planning managers, production planners