eShowroom System

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e-Showroom System

eShowroom System

Why should I use the e-Showroom System?

The most well-known problems of businesses in world trade are time, accessibility and marketing costs. Manage all the stock, supply, order and warehouse tracking of your products in real time, and easily manage all your orders and all the details of your products. With the e-Showroom, 7/24 open sales without being affected by processes such as time differences between countries and holidays. You can set up your network and continue to receive sales and orders even if your shift is over.

Stock Control

You can manage your sales more efficiently by easily tracking all the details of your products, information such as stock, order, supply status online.

Performance Boost

Your sales teams can place orders and make collections for the dealers and customers defined for them. In this way, you can follow the performance of your entire field sales team with reports.

Easy Reporting

You can take your customer relations to the highest level thanks to analysis-based reports.

Number of dealers and increase in turnover

As your number of dealers increases, you will increase your total turnover to higher levels

Full integration with ERP

Thanks to 100% integration, you ensure that business processes continue automatically

Reduce your workload

Telephone and e-mail traffic with customers is eliminated, you reduce your workload

Reduce the error rate to zero

Reduce the margin of error to zero with meticulously built flawless software

Increase your collections

Increase your collection rate with the Virtual Pos system

Online Wholesale

Get your orders quickly by showing your dealers all the information about your products and their stock status instantly

Quick access to the right product

Increase the rate of reaching the product the customer is looking for

Easy analysis with detailed reporting

Follow with graphics using parameters such as the best-selling product, the most profitable product, the most ordering dealer

Easy to use from anywhere thanks to its mobile compatibility

Thanks to its mobile compatibility, you can follow your work by logging in with your mobile phone and tablet from anywhere

Expert staff support

Instant support with expert staff

What benefits does the e-Showroom System provide?


Easy product finding

With the e-Showroom infrastructure, your dealers and customers can easily find the products they are looking for with advanced product search options

Online current account tracking

It allows you to create online sales limits by defining account limits for your dealers thanks to its versatile ERP integration

Quick order

It adds flexibility to order processes with its user-friendly interfaces and options that enrich the customer experience. In this way, your customers and dealers ensure that all their orders are placed in the fastest way

Safe and easy payment

It allows your customers and dealers to follow their accounts from a single point and make their payments easily

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