Enterprise Resource Planning

Instant Information Flow from Production Faster, More Capable with KG WriteUr

Software that enables the monitoring of production processes (starting-continuing-ending) in the manufacturing area on the basis of process-bench-time-work order-personnel, subcontractor, and the integration of these processes with work orders and costs

For whom?

It is for all production companies that want to follow their production stages (Processes) simultaneously and with barcode systems.

What Benefits?

The KGWareHouse program, with its simple use and clear results, is designed to work in integration with the production automation program in order to track the inventory transactions and waybill transactions within the system in the warehouses with the barcode system.

KGWareHouse; It is a system in which the stock receipts and waybill transactions are made with the barcode system for the entry and exit transactions to their own warehouses or to the contract warehouses. In this way, users can perform stock receipts and waybill transactions in the system with a barcode system; By being integrated with the main system, it can issue waybill or stock entry and exit receipts for these entries and exits.

By following the general situation of your production, you can produce urgent solutions to the clogged points.
You can instantly examine the performance of your personnel with a single barcode.
You can answer the question of which process has completed how much work with a barcode.
Detay ve asorti barkodlarınızın çıktısını alabilirsiniz
You can ensure that the planning is informed by assigning special status (no skin, injured waiting, cancellation, emergency, etc.) on the basis of orders.
You can have your ready-made products sent to a different warehouse to ensure that they are separated from the stocks produced for the customer.
You can track real-time losses by stopping and continuing production on a general or order basis with a barcode.
By giving a list of starters, you can get reports according to deadline, current, stock, color information, and let the personnel make their own decisions.