Those Who Prefer Us

We now receive orders from all over the world

We now receive orders from all over the world

I would like to thank the whole Korgün family. We came to our 16th year with Mrs. Fadim and the whole Korgün team on this path we took in Biga in 2005 with Mr. Erkan.

And today, we are able to receive orders from all over the world. Korgün Software has a great support in the growth of our company for all these years and I have never hesitated to say and recommend it in any environment.

After our meeting today, I believe that we will be working with Korgün from an even wider perspective. You know very well that there are incredible developments in the sector and we have to keep up with it all together. While our company is growing, we inevitably think; Will we be able to keep up with these developments at this speed… Of course, we weren't thinking about this for Korgün either. As a matter of fact, after our meeting with you today, we have no doubts about the "Future". If we are lucky, we will be working together for many more years by renewing ourselves.

For all these years, she has never left her without support, listening to our problems and producing solutions, trying to make both the employee and the boss happy :) I would like to thank every single Korgün employee here through you.

Tuncay SOLMAZ | General Manager