Digital Transformation

e-COMMERCE in Digital Transformation

End-to-End Solution from Product Entry, Barcode Generation, Sales to Invoicing
Manage all your sales on your e-Commerce site and in different marketplaces, and dominate your e-Commerce operation at any time. Regardless of the location, easily manage your bookkeeping wherever you are, control the financial operation of your business.

Thanks to Web Integration, you don't have to worry about updating the stocks of your products, creating shipping slips, and issuing invoices, manage your entire e-Commerce operation from a single platform. If an order coming through your e-Commerce site is supplied from more than one location (different stores, etc.), KG e-Commerce system automatically finds the incoming order, opens a product collection work order to the nearest store, and your product is quickly delivered to your customer.

Order Management

Approve your orders from multiple sales channels on a single platform, invoice in bulk and send your invoices to your customers instantly.

Stock Management

Do not bother with checking and arranging the stocks of all products in your marketplaces and e-commerce site separately; As soon as your order arrives, all your stocks will be updated instantly. Out-of-stock products are automatically closed for sale in all marketplaces. Sold item is automatically deducted from stock and updated in all marketplaces.

Product Management

Manage the adding, editing, variant creation and different price determination processes of your products that you will sell on your site or in the marketplaces, thanks to web integration.

Cargo Management

Easily integrate with the cargo companies you work with, calculate the desi of your products without having to change the screen, create cargo receipts and print them in bulk.

Speed up your e-Commerce operation with web integration, and reduce your costs thanks to e-Archive invoicing!

Approve your orders from multiple sales channels on a single platform, invoice in bulk and send your invoices to your customers instantly.

How can I track e-Commerce web integration stock?

In order to be able to track invoices and stocks in e-Commerce, an integrated structure must first be established between KG Backoffice and the web service. You can specify "Stock Quantity" for the products that we will monitor stock, so you can receive "Critical Stock Alert" for products that fall below a certain stock amount. As the sale takes place, your KG Backoffice stocks will be updated automatically; The stock information of your orders coming from your website or marketplace will remain up to date.

What is e-Commerce web integration?

e-Commerce web integration; It is the link that transfers all the information about the sales you make through your marketplace or e-commerce site to KG Backoffice applications. Thanks to e-Commerce web integrations, all information about your sales is transferred automatically, so you can access your information from anywhere.

Product and customer registration

Thanks to KG Backoffice applications, the records of your customers and the products you sell are created automatically.

Your invoices are ready

Invoices of the products you sell are automatically created ready to be sent.

Save time

After each sale, the time you spend adding order, product and customer information and issuing invoices is up to you.

Send instantly as e-Invoice or e-Archive

Automatically formalize invoices of your sales and forward them to your customers with KG e-Transformation.

Save money

With e-Transformation, you don't have to deal with printing, stamp and shipping costs that come with paper invoices, and you can minimize your invoicing costs.