Enterprise Resource Planning (Outwork)

To optimize production processes

Let Outwork design your workflow, and instantly manage your production site independent of time and space by optimizing its processes!

Production processes from anywhere in front of your eyes

Outwork is fully integrated with the Korgün ERP system and offers the opportunity to monitor all your production processes from anywhere with its web-based solutions. It effectively manages the workload of your machines while you plan the production phases.

The efficiency of your business increases, your production processes improve, your margin of error decreases.

Who in the production processes? Which job? When does it?

With Outwork, production lines become efficient by easily designing the workflow, enabling users to perform assigned tasks, and executing them in a real-time traceable manner.

Instant access to information reduces errors and saves your business significant time.

Why is workflow management important on the shop floor?

If your production process consists of more than one stage, instead of creating multiple work orders, it creates a production order, allowing you to access the system quickly and easily, either over the Web or via mobile devices.

Outwork allows you to manage production processes based on real-time data.

What Benefits Does Outwork Provide?

You can ensure the processing of all important data related to the production stages and the control of the production lines. You can define sub work orders to defined main production work orders. If your production process consists of multiple stages, you can follow up with a production order instead of creating multiple production work orders. By creating production work orders, you can assign orders to people and manage production processes.