KG WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Having Problems With Your Order Product Delivery and Return Processes?

Solution; In our KG WMS Smart Warehouse Management System. DISCOVER How Our Smart Warehouse Management System Can Help You

KG WMS Warehouse Management System is a software solution for e-Commerce, Retailer and Wholesaler businesses who want to open their existing stocks to all sales channels, increase their sales and operational efficiency, and adapt to changes in the market.. p>

As the number of "e-Trade" companies grows, the problems waiting to be solved also grow. In order to stay ahead of the competition, fast collection, fast packaging, fast delivery and error-free operation are prioritized.

Companies trading in different sales channels (Marketplaces) provide the performance they need quickly and without errors, thanks to Smart Warehouse Management, in packaging, shipping processes, product delivery and returns.

Do You Have Difficulty Collecting Your Orders In The Warehouse Fast And Accurately?

"We are always with you with KG WMS to increase your profitability in your business"

Create the most efficient route to easily collect your orders. While the preparation time of your products in the warehouse is shortened, the productivity of your employees increases by 100%.

At the same time, you can manage all your warehouse processes from a single point and follow them by seeing exactly where they are in color-size, series/lot.

With KG WMS, you reduce your costs and increase your productivity while minimizing human errors.


How Do You Get Rid Of The Clutter In Your Warehouse?

Get rid of selling faulty products with common stock tracking from all sales channels by tracking your stocks instantly.

Make customers' purchasing expectations and shopping more enjoyable by gaining real-time visibility into stock and warehouse operations.

Increase your customer satisfaction through the integration and management of processes between sales teams, sales points, marketplaces and warehouse.

Manage Warehouse and All Sales Channels from a Single Point

Do Numbers Speak to You in Your Business?

Today's supply chain demands speed. KG WMS provides you with the scalability you need to rapidly expand your operations. It provides a more reliable warehouse layout with real-time data, eliminating errors and greatly speeding up the process.

KG WMS reports to you on-time shipment, stock accuracy, distribution costs, order cycle time and other important data.

The reports you need to reduce the workload of busy seasons and manage variability are at hand.

You Don't Work For Your Data, Let Your Data Work For You


ARE YOU READY for the Intelligent Storage System?

KG WMS Prepares You For Tomorrow Today.

KG-WMS Smart Warehouse Management System enables you to increase service quality by managing business processes from stock management, procurement, goods acceptance, packaging, collection to shipment more effectively.

With our solutions, we ensure that customers receive the right products on time, while eliminating errors in warehouse operations and increasing your profitability with the advantages it provides.

You Are Ready When New Opportunities Arise In Your Business!

What Benefits KG WMS Smart Warehouse Systems Provide for Your Business?

Simplify Daily Warehouse Operations and Workflows!

See up-to-date and accurate data in the database in real time as you place your products on the shelves in your warehouse.

Eliminate the document with smart devices.

Shorten order lead times. Let handheld terminals find out where the products are.

Reduce error rates in incorrect/incomplete shipments and shipments.

Minimize errors by comparing hand terminals on the basis of color-size, serial/lot.

Reduce costs and increase productivity by minimizing human errors.

Easily find each material on the shelf in the warehouse, thanks to the integration of the barcode code structure with all modules.

Provide instant inventory tracking and shorten counting times and increase inventory accuracy.

See the stocks of your business in real time, including your products in the center and stores located in different locations.