Digital Transformation (Mobile Ordering)

Where do you manage your orders?

Add your products via smart devices with Android and IOS operating systems and start taking orders immediately. Update stock, price and product information instantly.

The smart mobile ordering is always with you to speed up your business

What problem do you encounter most when ordering?

Whether the product you sell is in stock or not is one of the most common problems at the time of order.

One of the most needed information is the current financial situation of the customer. Your personnel working in the field outside the company can instantly see whether the product inquired about is sufficient on the basis of color + size, assortment, series, and lot when taking an order with your customer and can place an order.

The mobile orderer is designed to meet all these needs.

Are your orders in the palm of your hand?

Place and time don't matter!

The mobile orderer gives you the information you want instantly. Your salesperson or salesperson can check the stock status from their mobile phone, enter an order, check the customer's debt status, account statement, check, etc. can access all the information they want.

What benefit does it provide?

Thanks to the commissioning of smart mobile ordering solutions, order operations are moved to the mobile environment. Sales teams have instant access to all necessary information. Thus, a noticeable improvement in service quality and customer satisfaction is achieved. As your profitability increases, the performance of sales teams also increases.

Higher level of customer satisfaction, Ability to print from the printer, Ability to read product barcodes
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