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Korgün Software, which is one of the first national software companies was established for the aim of developing automation software for SMEs in 1992.

Korgün, which has been developing software for manufacturing systems (such as MRP) since 1992, also started to develop software for retailing and the logistics for the aim of solving supply chain management related problems of SMEs. In a changing World, Korgün Software, which foresees the reverberation of manufacturing/supplying technics, competition through the SMEs, produced the ERP software solutions in order to meet the requirements of Enterprise Resource Planning concept for the real economy.

Today, Korgün is developing not only special software for manufacturing and supplying companies that aim to succeed within today’s competing environment but also developing mobile solutions, geographical location based softwares, Ios-Android based applications, embedded softwares, which can also be used personally in the market and Korgün is proud of developing all of these solutions.


Within the scope of programming, the mission of the company is to submit customers not only “compact solutions” but also to develop new informatics technologies, softwares and mobile services in order to increase the customers’ expectations as being a Pioneer organization in the sector.


Our vision is to increase the number of our partnerhips by maintaining R&D tasks through hi-tech and qualified people in order to be a well known national and international brandname so Korgün will take firm steps forward.


Customer satisfaction oriented study, being a Pioneer, expertise, stability, environmental consciousness, contribution to country’s economy and the education.

Affiliated Societies;

BİYESAM (Association of the Information and Software Works Owners)

YASAD (Software Industrialists Association)

TÜBİSAD (Informatics Industry Association)

AYSAD (Footwear and Footwear Suppliers Industry)