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Korgün Software defines every solution it implements for its customers as a project. Plans and executes each project in 3 main phases;

Preapplication Stage

Korgün meets the customer and identifies the main problem and the customer’s requirement. This is the rough analysis stage and lasts until the completion of the proposal preparation. At this stage, especially, taking the optimal decisions are provided by using Korgün’s valuable expertise and the experiences gained from the previous projects.

Application Phase

This is the stage that starts at the beginning of the Project and lasts until the beginning of the pilot Project. The stage includes the design, analysis, adaptation, training and test activities.

Postimplementation Phase

Project starts after the completion of alpha and beta tests successfully. After the tests, the solution is delivered to the customer and never ends.
Let's synchronize all the departments of your company together with our solutions.

Korgün Software enables you to increase your productivity, to reduce costs by quickly optimizing business models and processes, to make accurate estimations in strategic decisions and to realize more innovations.

It is really easy to work with its user-friendly interface in all processes. We are pleased to be with you with our expert team, who offers you ideas and practical solutions with their experience.
We are pleased to be with you with our expert team, who offers you ideas and practical solutions with their experience.

Do you find it difficult to follow the production stage of your orders and the shipment dates?

You cannot see the product, semi-product and raw material availability in your stocks correctly, so you are calculating wrong, missing or excess what you need to produce, what you need to produce?

Do you face sanctions for wrong or missing shipments?

Can't you see your stock costs, debts and receivables, cash flow interest losses and gains, and your profitability based on foreign currency?

Are your employees' mistakes reducing your productivity and customer satisfaction?

The problems do not end; Maintaining the profitability of your company under the increasing pressure of local and global competition depends on providing your customers with the best possible quality products at the best possible price in the shortest time possible.

With its flexible structure, your company can be easily adapted to the workflow; by controlling all business processes from purchasing to production tracking, from sales and distribution to finance, from material management to accounting;

To manage your resources efficiently,
To decrease your cost and increase the profit,
To increase the customer satisfaction to the highest possible level,
To take best optimal stable planning and strategic decisions through optimum information flow,
To get rid of the overburden of daily routines,
To have the quality to stand out among your rivals.
We are all aware of problems of medium scaled companies in different sectors. In line with this, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with your valuable organization.

“As Korgün, we have a great enthusiasm about solving your organization’s problems”