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Korgün qualifies each feasible solution as a special Project for the customers. Each Project is planned and implemented in three stages;

Preapplication Stage: Korgün meets the customer and identifies the main problem and the customer’s requirement. This is the rough analysis stage and lasts until the completion of the proposal preparation. At this stage, especially, taking the optimal decisions are provided by using Korgün’s valuable expertise and the experiences gained from the previous projects.

Application Phase: This is the stage that starts at the beginning of the Project and lasts until the beginning of the pilot Project. The stage includes the design, analysis, adaptation, training and test activities.

Postimplementation Phase: Project starts after the completion of alpha and beta tests successfully. After the tests, the solution is delivered to the customer and never ends;

“Because Korgün software assumes its relations with customers as a valuable businesspartnership. After the completion of the Project, Korgün keeps providing services for valuable customers”

Please call us,

If you are experiencing problems in tracing your orders on the manufacturing stage and suffering from the shipment scheduling, please call us.

If your inventory is not accurate and you cannot take the right decision in terms of making the product (such as MTO or MTS), please call us.

If you are experiencing problems related to the wrong or short shipments, please call us.

If you cannot follow the inventory holding costs, credit and debits, cash flow, loss and wins caused by the late charge, cash flow due to currency fluctuation, please call us.

If your employees’ faults cause a decrease in productivity and customer satisfaction, please call us.

If the problems never ends and sustaining the company’s profitability under the increasing pressure caused by the competition both in domestic and foreign market is getting harder and there is a serious time constraint in providing the optimum services for your customer, please call us.

Korgün’s KG Palaimonâ, which is an ERP Program can be easily integrated to your company’s system because of its flexible structure. You can control all processes from procurement to material management, manufacturing, shipping and the finance;

This program provides;

To manage your resources efficiently,

To decrease your cost and increase the profit,

To increase the customer satisfaction to the highest possible level,

To take best optimal stable planning and strategic decisions through optimum information flow,

To get rid of the overburden of daily routines,

To have the quality to stand out among your rivals.

Work with the Right Business Partner!

Technology can only be an efficient tool in solving your problems. The right solution for your company is to analyse your structure and business model very well and to adapt the available tools for solving the company’s problems. During this stage, it is important to work with the right business partner which does not only sell a software but also understands your requirements and brings the most efficient solutions.

Korgun is the right business partner for your company.

We are all aware of problems of medium scaled companies in different sectors. In line with this, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with your valuable organization.

“As Korgün, we have a great enthusiasm about solving your organization’s problems”

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