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KG Palaimon, which is a manufacturing automation solution is designed for maufacturing plants and manufacturers that want to catch the era.

KG Palaimon is a different type of management system that allows all size of enterprises (small, medium or large) to trace each stage of either business or manufacturing process.

Enterprises, which want to apply modern manufacturing technics in their organizations can easily use KG Palaimon in terms of inventory control, inventory management, warehouse management, management of raw material, product and order, material requirement planning, manufacturing resource planning, master scheduling, capacity requirement planning, enterprise resource planning (ERP), scheduling, manufacturing planning and control, cost management and control, wholesale selling, barcode automation, budget/finance control.

The easiest solution with the suitable structure in following manufacturing themes

Textile · Leather · Furniture · Carpet · Electronics · Computer · Cable · Paint · Printing press · Packaging · Metal · Mining · Paper · Chemical Substances · Illumination · Machine


01 Your inventory level will decrease

Your skills, which will be gained through this product in terms of controlling your system quickly and taking necessary action,immediately will eliminate unplanned/unexpected not only the production and shipment but also the procurement.

02 Your costs will decrease

In addition to your control mechanism of your inventory and logistics, by using cost control module, which will provide the control of each deviation of each process, you will be able to easily eliminate the unproductive elements in the system.

03 Your competition power will be reinforced

While you will be accelerating the information flow within the system, the product will always support to realize operational improvements in order to increase the profitability. Quick access to right information in the right time and advanced analysis skills will increase not only your productivity but also ignite your competition in the market successfully.

04 You will have an ability for efficient planning during both manufacturing and supplying

While you will be receiving the manufacturing order, you will manage to realize planned/controlled manufacturing and supply, also have a chance to answer the following questions synchronously.

05 Everything you need will be within arm’s reach

All information/report related to manufacturing orders, material requirements, current available stock, master production schedule, procurement requirements, profits, losses will be ready for analyses. Your employees’ productivity will continuously increase and your organization’s will be more powerful in competing with the rivals.

06 Your Income will increase

Logistics control, provided by KG Palaimon will provide quick and more economic service delivery. You will be much more preferred by your customers. While you will increase your earnings, you will always be the first option for your customers.

Why is KG Palaimon Different?

01 Easy integration

KG Palaimon is a professional and comprehensive solution. Additionally, it could be easily set up and in a short time (almost 30-120 days).

02 Matrix structure

All required information can be followed up in a matrix structure (like Color-Size, Width-Length). KG Palaimon is the only domestic ERP solution in matrix structure.

03 This package was not originated from only the needs of accountacy

KG Palaimon is different from other solutions because it was not designed as an accounting software package and not transformed to a MRP/ERP software in the following stage. It has been originally designed as an ERP software solution.

04 The abillity for managing the platform with the mobile

By using KG Palaimon, you can manage your organization by using information received by your mobile phone.

05 Independent from the geographical location

KG Palaimon has been designed on “your company is at the location where you are” philosophy.

06 B2B

KG Palaimon is the only domestic MRP/ERP solution, which has its own application related to B2B technology.

07 Experience

We have been working with the leader organizations in their sectors. Additionally, we have also realized many automation projects that provided valuable experience in our subject. This valuable experience, our expert team and business solutions are important factors in the design, setup and adaptation of a Project in a short time and efficiently.

08 Realized Projects

KG Palaimon has been efficiently used by many manufacturers and retail companies since 1990.

09 e-Trade

KG Palaimon is a domestic MRP/ERP software, which has been designed with an architectural structure suitable to e-Trade developments.

Methodological Difference at the Implementation Stage

At first, specific to the organization needs, the Project team is built. Then, each responsibility is allocated to the each member of the team. This structure/information is also shared with the customer and their comments are also received. Necessary modifications/improvements are made in the structure. Therefore, each member’s responsibility is clearly defined, communication and management structure of the Project team is also efficiently built.

01 Project Management

02 Admin Training

03 User Training

04 Document Training

05 Development

06 Test

Differences in Our Consultancy Services

01 Project Consultancy

After observation the current system and requirements of the organization, Project consultancy service could be provided in case of long and complex implementation processes.

The aim of this service is to determine targets, which will provide efficient-quick timing, budget and investment planning.

02 Implementation Consultancy

During the implementation stage, consultancy service is provided in integrating the solution to your enterprise and your customers’ requirements. During this stage, the Project team works with your employees and their adaptation/integration with both Korgün (as service provider) and the product is ensured.

The aim of this consultancy is to gain the maximum benefit from the solution for your organization.

03 After Implementation Consultancy

This consultancy is provided not only to measure the usage productivity bu also to evaluate recent developments related to both product and your company.

This consultancy aims to increase the productivity gained from your product.

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