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By using KG WriteUr, instant information flow from the Production is more sophisticated and fast

By using KG WriteUr, it will be possible to keep track of all manufacturing processes (either started, ongoing or finished) according to process-work station-time-work order-labour. This solution also provides the integration of transactions between work order and the cost information. Sub-contractors can also be easily followed by using this package.

What’s New?

01 By using WriteUr, you will be able to see the current production status and see the bottlenecks. Therefore you can easily develop solutions.

02 You will be able to see the current status of any job in any Workstation by using the product

03 You will also be able to have an idea about the labour performance because of the barcoding system

04 You will also have the detailed printout of any of your barcode

05 You will be able to assign special status to any of the job order (short, defect, cancelled, red/urgent etc.) in order to provide reliable information for production planning module in the system

06 By using WriteUr, it will be possible to cease the manufacturing or cancel a shop order through barcoding system in order to follow up the wastes/shortages on a real time basis

07 You can easily see the current status of the system and take a list for job orders according to due date, stock quantity and other details for better and efficient control of manufacturing people

08 By using WriteUr and if you are working with the “Make to stock” philosophy, it will be also possible to pull any finished product and allocate to another warehouse for meeting the demand in time


“KGWriteUr” is designed and developed for providing the manufacturers the best and efficient follow up of manufacturing orders at each stage of the production (from receiving to final inspection and the shipment) through the barcoding system. This solution is a user friendly solution, which can also be easily integrated with the manufacturing and other modules so the shop orders can be easily issued to the next work station and these issues can be easily traced because of the barcoding system.

“KGWriteUr” also provides the administrative staff many benefits in terms of better follow up of customer orders and trace these orders at each stage of manufacturing line. Warehouse people can also easily trace these orders with the barcoding system so cycle counts and physical inventory will also be easier. The transactions are entered into the system by warehouse people but the movement can be easily traced with all the user on inquiry basis (at first, authorizations should be specified).

Designed for Whom?

The product is suitable for manufacturing companies, which want to follow manufacturing stages (processes) simultaneously and by using barcoding system.

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