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Warehouse Automation Solution with the Barcode

KG WareHouse is a software, which provides reading and tracing the barcodes of the products either received or issued.


KGWareHouse is designed and developed for companies that work with automation systems on manufacturing integrated basis in order to follow up stock movements and dispatching transactions through barcoding system so all items’ movements from manufacturing (at each work station) to the warehouse (each warehouse) on transaction basis.

Within KGWareHouse, warehouse (receiving/issue) and dispatching transactions are carried out with the barcodes. Therefore, users can make stock and dispatching transactions with the barcoding system and these transactions can also be easily integrated with the main system and users can issue the important documents (like receipt, invoice, waybill etc.) for relevant modules of KGWareHouse.

Designed for Whom

Production, logistics and chain store organizations, which have more than one warehouse can use this software solution in order to provide warehouse automation by also using barcoding system.

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