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Production will strengthen our competitiveness, you will earn producing...

» Designed for Whom

The boss will be able to see the production figures and graphs from his chair because of the solution developed by Korgün Experts.

This solution is designed and developed for manufacturing enterprises in order to eliminate all problems related to carry out an efficient follow up in the production. By using KG Graph, management level can follow the organization and take the necessary action remotely.

Poduction status will be demonstrated as a graphic

01 KG Graf, will provide the manufacturing entities to follow their production and carry out their responsibilities instantly.

02 You will entirely be able to manage your production by using KG Graf.

03 By using KG Graf, through changing time intervals, you will be able to see the final (also the previous) production status for different time intervals (such as weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly etc.) in order to take necessary action in time.

Designed for Whom

Kg Graph is suitable for the usage of owners, managers of manufacturing plants, also production planning managers and the experts.

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